Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gillio Siblings

The stars smiled on me and I was able to adopt a medium Gillio Compagna in dark brown. Although I already have one in dark blue and the size and layout are the same, there are some differences between the two.

The dark blue has textured pebbled leather; the dark brown has smooth buttery leather.

The dark blue has gold rings and popper; the dark brown has silver rings and popper.

The dark blue is marked "Gigliodoro Compagna" on the inside left, "Agenda Organizer" on the flyleaf, and "Genuine Calf Leather Made in Italy" on the inside right; the dark brown is marked "Gillio Ferenze" on the inside left.

I purchased the dark brown Compagna from a fellow Gillio Facebook member, Deborah, on December 22 and it was quickly shipped 2-day priority on the following day. The expected delivery date was December 26. However, it decided to take an excursion to San Juan, Puerto Rico for two additional days. Deborah joked that the planner was working on its tan.

At first I thought I would swap between the blue and brown planners, such as I would with purses depending on my preference at the time. But now I think I will use both of them concurrently. The blue will continue to hold important information and the brown will hold my calendar and tasks.

Every Day

I own so many Filofax organizers, so it may be surprising to know that my every day planner isn't a Filofax. I am more of a collector when it comes to the Filofax brand. 

Since August 2013, the only planner I have used is a medium Gillio Compagna in dark blue. It has lovely gold rings and popper. I adore it.


I ran into some disappointment only days after my last post so I decided to step away until the end of the year. I had learned that I was banned, without any mention, from a Facebook group. It knocked the wind out of me to say the least. I try to treat others with kindness and empathy, so the experience was hurtful to me. I had put myself out there and participated, which isn't at all easy for me since I'm an introvert and am wary of vulnerability. I still don't know what happened and truly don't think I did anything wrong. It had to be a misunderstanding, but the group administrator never would reply to my private messages. It's as though I don't matter.  Well, all I can do is take a deep breath, take two steps back and one step forward.

UPDATE March 2014: Funny thing, I was talking with a friend on an unrelated topic and I mentioned that I had been removed from this other FB group. Come to find out, he became an administrator of that group earlier this year and was surprised that I had been removed. No one seems to know why it happened. So, we chalked it up to some mysterious mistake and I'm once again a member.  Two steps forward!