Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Anniversary

My husband and I married 29 years ago today. Such a sweetheart, he had flowers and cards waiting for me this morning. We're taking it easy this year and celebrated by going out for breakfast. Next year, we'll certainly do something extra special for our 30th!


I joined a Facebook swap group earlier this month. I thought it would be fun to send and receive mail with other random members of the group. It's organized using the swap-bot website. The focus of our group is around planners and stationery.  We post our likes and dislikes on our profiles to help our partners decide what to send.

Here's my first-ever swap package that I received.

The rules were to include four 12 inch samples of washi tape, one sticky note pad, and twenty stickers. My swap partner went above and beyond by sending some candy, and a bit extra washi and stickers. I especially like the floral washi tape. I rated her on the swap-bot site as a 5 and gave her an extra heart. 

It was fun, except the swap package that I mailed to my partner (different from the person I received mine from above) hasn't arrived yet. I sent it on Feb. 10, almost two weeks ago now. I've been in contact with my partner and the swap coordinator. They don't seem concerned, but I wish it had gone more smoothly especially since I'm the last to be rated within the group. I decided to mail a duplicate swap and sent it on its way on Friday. I'm interested to find out which one arrives first.

UPDATE: My partner received both packages, sent two weeks apart, on the very same day! She was very understanding and rated me a five with a heart for sending two packages. Wow, I need a bit of a break after this roller coaster of a swap.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Standard Diary

My sister purchased these diaries from an estate sale in Seattle and sent them to me. They are in excellent condition considering they were used in 1955-1957. Each measures approximately 2.75 by 4.25 inches. 

The calendar consists of one week on two pages, Sunday through Saturday. In the front, printed information is provided for Rates of Postage, Public Holidays (by state), Railroad Distances Between Cities, Church Observances, Wedding Anniversaries and Birth Stones, and Population of Principal Cities. In the back, there are pages to record addresses, cash accounts (by month), and telephone numbers.  

These diaries belonged to Thor Henrikson and it appears he used the calendars for his business travels and personal commitments. When he wasn't traveling for work, he was usually fishing.

In a Google search on the Internet, I found that Mr. Henrikson was an inventor of several patents between 1954 and 1961 relating to railway cars.

I also learned from death records that Mr. Henrikson lived from 1898-1971. I was able to find an obituary for his daughter, Rita. She passed away in December 2013, so the diaries were likely part of her estate since her parents had pre-deceased her.

It makes me wonder where my own diaries may end up and whether anyone would be interested to read them.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Computer Circuit Boards

I found this computer circuit board organizer in a thrift store today. At first I wasn't sure what it was, but upon opening the cover, I was surprised to see that it has personal size rings. It held a calendar from 1996. 

I shared these photos on the Filofax for Philofaxy Fans Facebook group. Comments included suggestions to keep passwords for computer sites and to steampunk it up. One person even has the same binder.

No leather here!

Front and spine view
Inside view

Saturday, February 15, 2014

4 Rings

These two Filofax organizers in pocket size have FOUR rings. 

The red one appears to have been purchased around 1989 and has a few inserts with only four punched holes. It has 11 mm rings. 

The burgundy Windsor has a full set of inserts with a 1995 diary  which is marked as able to fit 4 or 6 rings, and includes 6-hole inserts dated back to 1989. It has 15 mm rings.

The Filo-nerd in me finds it interesting.

Front View
Inside View

Red Pocket with 11mm rings
Marked 'Filofax Made in England'
Left: Secretarial pocket
Right: Full length vertical pocket, three card slots, and pen loop

Burgundy Pocket with 15mm rings
 Marked 'Filofax Pocket Windsor Real Leather'
Left: Two full length pockets
Right: Full length vertical pocket, four card slots, and pen loop
These 4-hole inserts are dated 1988 and 1989.

A-Z dividers (Ref. PAZACEGY) 1989
Addresses (Ref. P194) 1988
Yellow lined paper (Ref. P5B) 1988
U.K. Rail & Motorways (Ref. PMO2) 1989
1995 Diary Week on a Page Monday-Sunday (Ref. 380795) 1993
Marked 'Made in England' and 'Fits 1 or 6 Rings'

Subject dividers (Ref. 211633) 1989
Lined paper (Ref. 213008) 1993
A-Z dividers (Ref. 211632) 1989
Telephone Numbers (Ref. 210207) 1993
These plastic inserts were found in the Windsor.

Flyleaf (unmarked)
Today ruler (Ref. 213609) 1993
Top loading envelope (unmarked)
Two pockets holder (unmarked)
Extras in the Windsor

Magnifying Page Marker (by LeFax)
Mirror (by Filofax)