Thursday, April 17, 2014

Filofax Pens, et al.

Here are some Filofax brand pens, old and new. It's interesting that the two older pens (pictured in the center) are slimmer, just like the pen loops in older binders. The two newer pens are both shorter and thicker, probably so they can fit in mini size binders without protruding over the top. All of these pens arrived in pre-owned organizers that I purchased. 

The Filofax keychain on the right was gifted when I purchased new old stock binders from Bouteia. It's heavy, opens on a hinge and closes with a magnet, and can hold pictures inside much like a locket.

These next pens are ones that I purchased directly from "mom and pop" stationery and pen stores. I was able to touch and actually write with them before deciding what to buy. They may cost a bit more than online shopping, but the exemplary customer service is priceless. If you ever get a chance, visit Warwick's in La Jolla CA and Penchetta Pens in Scottsdale AZ.

From top to bottom: Lamy Safari Rollerball; Penchetta Stone Rollerball; Parker Urban 5th Technology; Parker Urban Rollerball.

And, of course, lots of inexpensive Pilot pens i.e. Frixion Clicker 0.7, Frixion Ball Slim 0.38, Hi-Tec-C Coleto Me, and Precise V5. I also use a Sharpie and a washi-tape pen. These all came from online orders and box stores.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The best I can describe my reluctance to write directly onto my calendar pages is a fear of commitment. What if my schedule changes and I've already written it down in ink? Sure, I can simply cross through it or cover it with a sticker, I suppose. But I was looking for something a bit less permanent, yet still allow me to archive the pages. 

I had been using Frixion pens, which are great. However, I began to worry that my writing would disappear as the outdoor temperature was already beginning to creep towards 90 degrees. 

My next experiment was using thin washi tape. I tried color-coding them to distinguish between each family member's schedule, events i.e. birthdays and holidays, and important notations. I found it's really not my thing. I prefer simplicity and would rather not lug around extra pens with me.

Then I found my answer! These removable white labels are the perfect size for my handwriting. I can move them around from one day to another, discard any that become irrelevant, and if I make a spelling or spacial mistake, I can just re-do it. Plus, the ink never bleeds through the pages and the labels are thin so they don't add bulk. 

It's one more bit of planner peace.   

Lunar Eclipse

Usually, I can't seem to stay awake late enough to see special events in the night sky. Boy am I glad I did this time! The lunar eclipse was amazing! I also heard it referred to as a blood moon.

I'm really just a point and shoot kind of gal when it comes to taking photos, but I have a zoom camera that increases my luck.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finchley Rainbow

(Left to Right) Black, Imperial Purple,
Red, Caramel, Mustard, Soft Jade,
Teal, Vintage Rose, and Chocolate
(Front to Back) Vintage Rose in
Mini, Pocket, Personal, and A5
Front View of Personal Size in Soft Jade 
Inside View of Personal Size in Soft Jade
Back View of Personal Size in Soft Jade


I use this stand to hold my collection of charms. I like to place charms on my watch bracelet and planner zipper pulls. My favorite ones are from the Fossil store, but they're expensive. I also like less expensive charms that I find at the craft stores. What I look for most when choosing a charm is detail on both sides.

By the way, the rose is a dried flower from a bush that my daughter planted for me on Mother's Day. *smile*

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My April Collection

The top row contains my Finchley collection. I'm searching for four missing ones and then it will be complete.

The second row continues with my Finchley collection, Balmorals, and other black personal size Filofax organizers. These are followed by discontinued ones that I've picked up along the way. You can see a list on my blog's "Filofax Inventory" page.

The next row has more recent ranges of Filofax i.e. Holborn, Malden, Original, Regency, Chameleon, Decos, Amazonas, Sienas, Enigma, and Domino Snakes.

The bottom row includes organizers made by Day-Timer, Franklin Quest and Franklin Covey, Kate Spade, Il Bisonte, as well as Gigliodoro and Gillio.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


My Modalu Pippa Grab arrived today. It was described as dark tan; however, when I opened the package, the first thing I thought of was my Finchley in caramel.  It's amazing how well they match! The Pippa is lovely with its buttery soft leather and quality workmanship.

Of course, I had to move out of my black Cavendish and right into the Finchley as a wallet. It only took a few minutes since I'm committed to using a compact or personal size as a wallet. It was as simple as emptying the rings and moving the contents over.

Wow! It's even yummier with my Filofax Ostrich in buttercup and Gillio Compagna in dark brown.

The Youngest

My 'youngest' daughter sketched out these adorable drawings for me. I asked her to write on the back of each one. She's talented and funny.