Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Welcome to Gnometown. I love the tan and red colors of these two Franklin Covey binders. They're so endearing.

They are from the "Her Point of View" (HPOV) line in compact size. The leather is soft and unstructured. The rings are 1.25 inches. The buckles and zipper pulls are bronze, but the rings are silver.

There was some confusion because there's another HPOV binder that Franklin Covey made which doesn't look anything like these ones.  Come to find out, mine were made in 2003 and the others (sorry, I don't have a picture) were made in 2007.  Strange they would share the same name. We were able to verify this by comparing the sales tag bar codes and the embossed numbers on the actual binders. Mystery solved!

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