Sunday, April 6, 2014

My April Collection

The top row contains my Finchley collection. I'm searching for four missing ones and then it will be complete.

The second row continues with my Finchley collection, Balmorals, and other black personal size Filofax organizers. These are followed by discontinued ones that I've picked up along the way. You can see a list on my blog's "Filofax Inventory" page.

The next row has more recent ranges of Filofax i.e. Holborn, Malden, Original, Regency, Chameleon, Decos, Amazonas, Sienas, Enigma, and Domino Snakes.

The bottom row includes organizers made by Day-Timer, Franklin Quest and Franklin Covey, Kate Spade, Il Bisonte, as well as Gigliodoro and Gillio.

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