Saturday, July 5, 2014

Meet Harry

For those who don't know "Harry," I would like to formally introduce him to you.  

Harry is a medium Gillio Compagna in brown croco. I've never named any of my binders, but this one is special and was already named before I got him.

This lad has certainly traveled his fair share. Harry was crafted in Italy and sold in Belgium. I am the fourth owner now so he's also traveled to France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He arrived at my doorstep on May 31, in time for me to take him along on my planned visit to Seattle and Victoria B.C.

Here's some photos of Harry's amazing leather, detail, and color. Let me just say this is the most stunning and handsome binder I've ever had. And, well, I have a lot.

Front View
Inside View of Left Side and Leather Flyleaf

Outside View of Front, Back, Spine, and Closure

Harry is fitting in nicely. Here's a photo of the binders that I consistently use. I call them my three bears.

Left: Medium Compagna in Dark Blue Epoca
Middle: Medium Compagna in Brown Croco (Harry)
Right: Slim Compagna in Gold Epoca

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