Saturday, February 15, 2014

4 Rings

These two Filofax organizers in pocket size have FOUR rings. 

The red one appears to have been purchased around 1989 and has a few inserts with only four punched holes. It has 11 mm rings. 

The burgundy Windsor has a full set of inserts with a 1995 diary  which is marked as able to fit 4 or 6 rings, and includes 6-hole inserts dated back to 1989. It has 15 mm rings.

The Filo-nerd in me finds it interesting.

Front View
Inside View

Red Pocket with 11mm rings
Marked 'Filofax Made in England'
Left: Secretarial pocket
Right: Full length vertical pocket, three card slots, and pen loop

Burgundy Pocket with 15mm rings
 Marked 'Filofax Pocket Windsor Real Leather'
Left: Two full length pockets
Right: Full length vertical pocket, four card slots, and pen loop
These 4-hole inserts are dated 1988 and 1989.

A-Z dividers (Ref. PAZACEGY) 1989
Addresses (Ref. P194) 1988
Yellow lined paper (Ref. P5B) 1988
U.K. Rail & Motorways (Ref. PMO2) 1989
1995 Diary Week on a Page Monday-Sunday (Ref. 380795) 1993
Marked 'Made in England' and 'Fits 1 or 6 Rings'

Subject dividers (Ref. 211633) 1989
Lined paper (Ref. 213008) 1993
A-Z dividers (Ref. 211632) 1989
Telephone Numbers (Ref. 210207) 1993
These plastic inserts were found in the Windsor.

Flyleaf (unmarked)
Today ruler (Ref. 213609) 1993
Top loading envelope (unmarked)
Two pockets holder (unmarked)
Extras in the Windsor

Magnifying Page Marker (by LeFax)
Mirror (by Filofax)

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