Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Gardener's Filofax System

I was fortunate to find this 1985 Gardener's Filofax System with its original inserts. The cover of the binder is vinyl, which is seemingly better to have than leather when planning and working in the garden. The outside texture is ribbed and the clasp is magnetic.

The inside left is stamped, "THE GARDEN BOOK CLUB" and has a secretarial pocket. The inside right is stamped, "THE BRITISH FILOFAX SYSTEM MADE IN ENGLAND" and has a gusseted pocket.

This planner includes a generous number of inserts. There are five index dividers with tabs: Gardener's Reference; Expenses; Garden Planning; Diary; and Addresses. It also has A-Z dividers with two letters per tab.

There are 12 different planning pages:

Public & Private Gardens
Garden Expenses
Magazine Subscriptions & Courses
Order Record

Plants, Seeds, Bulbs &
Equipment Needed

Design Improvements
Seasonal Reminders

And, finally, there are some fold-out tracing and graph pages, a plant hardiness zone map, and directories to area gardens, co-ops, and plant societies.

Tracing Paper
Tracing Paper
Graph Paper
Graph Paper and Zone Map
Plant Hardiness Zone Map
Gardens to Visit
I read that Filofax used to carry a wide variety of inserts in the 80's relating to different hobbies and interests; however, this is the first that I have seen where an entire organizer was created for a specific purpose. Considering how many special-interest inserts were sold, I wonder where they are all hiding now.


  1. Wow what a find! Wonder if it came in that color just so you could find it in case you misplaced it outside?

    1. Here I was worried it will attract bees! It is a nice bright red.