Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tri-Fold 6-Ring Binders

I recently had three different tri-fold binders in my possession  by Filofax, Gigliodoro, and Il Bisonte. It seemed the perfect opportunity to take comparison photos. 

First, the personal Filofax Knightsbridge is made of fine lambskin leather and has silver hardware. This binder is by far the softest I have ever owned. On the left inside, there is a full length pocket opening on the left edge, as well as eight card slots.  On the right inside, there is a full length zippered pocket and another full length open pocket behind that. The Knightsbridge also has ring protectors and two pen loops. It closes with a single snap. This is a discontinued binder made in approximately 1999.

Filofax Knightsbridge - Front View
Filofax Knightsbridge - Inside Full View
Filofax Knightsbridge

Filofax Knightsbridge

Next, the medium Gigliodoro 3-Way is made of genuine calf leather and has gold hardware. This binder is firm and structured, and has a generous number of pockets and slots. I counted a total of nine. The fold on this one is wider and meets the rings when closed. The Gigliodoro has one pen loop on the right inside.  It closes with one magnetic snap. This binder was a limited edition  and recently sold out by Luxecadeautjes.nl.

Gigliodoro 3 Way - Front View

Gigliodoro 3 Way - Inside Folded

Gigliodoro 3 Way - Inside Full View


Finally, the Il Bisonte INSIDER is made of cowhide, and has brass hardware and gold rings. This binder has a rugged texture and has no filler whatsoever. On the left inside, there are three card slots and a full length pocket. On the right inside, there is a full length zippered pocket. Rather than a pen loop, the INSIDER has a single internal pen slot on the inside right fold. It closes with two snaps. This binder is still available from Il Bisonte, either in its storefronts or online. 

Il Bisonte INSIDER - Front View

Il Bisonte INSIDER - Inside View

Il Bisonte INSIDER

Il Bisonte INSIDER

Personally, the Il Bisonte INSIDER is one of my favorite binders, second only to my medium Gillio Compagnas (not shown here). It sits wonderfully in hand and I have no worry throwing it in my bag. 

Note: I purchased all three of these binders pre-owned and let go of the Gigliodoro 3-Way since these pictures were taken.

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  1. Did you sell the Filofax one? If not, are you interested in selling it?

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