Saturday, October 5, 2013

Finchley Collection

My collection of Filofax Finchleys:

Imperial Purple 
Vintage Rose 
Soft Jade 

The Teal Finchley in personal size was my first ever Filofax. It started my journey to find one in each color. At first, I would only consider the personal size but they are hard to find, especially in the Imperial Purple, Soft Jade, and Mustard colors. 

Then, one day I questioned myself why they all had to be in the personal size. The only answer was for uniformity. I'm a very linear thinker and so I decided to challenge myself to be more creative and think outside of the box. Slowly, the colors came together in adding A5 and pocket sizes. I found that this rainbow of colors in different sizes was better than I had imagined. I'm really happy and fortunate to have this collection. 

Funny thing...along the way, I somehow purchased two of the same color/size so I'll need to re-home one of them in the near future.  I think the reasoning was to swap it for a color I didn't already have in my collection.

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