Saturday, October 12, 2013

Favorite Personals in Black

These are my favorite personal Filofax planners in black (in order of the picture):


The Balmoral is my favorite personal in black.  It's in new condition and, for whatever reason, the seller didn't mention that it has a full length pocket along the width of the planner.  These wallet-type pockets usually only come on the pocket and mini size Balmorals.  I've seen pictures of these two times on A5 sizes, but never on a personal size.  I was happily surprised when it arrived in the mail and am very lucky to have this one in my collection!

The Belmont has the loveliest leather of them all!  Smooth and luxurious, and still smells wonderful!

The Cavendish is special because it has 30 mm rings!  It is often sought after for the larger rings because, with few exceptions, personal size Filofax planners come with 23 mm rings.

The Dundee was made in the USA.

The Finchley was borrowed from my Finchley collection.

I'm hoping to add to my personal black collection, but trying to choose them intentionally rather than on impulse.

UPDATE:  In November 2013, I added a Buckingham in black.
UPDATE:  In April 2014, I added a Savannah in black

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